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Full Service Business Guide for Start Ups

Beauty Industry Elite the one platform you can get business development coaching, marketing, branding, web design and development all in one place. We encouraging you to check out what we offer as it is unique, valuable and cost effective.

With a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of executives and leaders Beauty Industry Elite has had the privilege of providing guidance and expertise to all types of organizations in the beauty, fashion and fitness industries. Read more to learn about all that they have to offer.


Agile Solutions

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How to's and Resources

Check out what workshops we have that can get your business organized and running smoothly. At Beauty Industry Elite, we’ve worked hard to develop modern and relevant online workshops to fit everyone’s needs.


Web templates with custom features

Our web templates are so much more than just basic designs, it is just be beginning of our design process. Choose your esthetic and will brand the template with your business colors & logo. We even take it a step further by offering monthly maintenance. Once you see the full scope of what we offer you will be amazed.


Committed to Quality

Although we support types of small business owners, we have a strong affinity for beauty, fashion and fitness professionals. We offer a robust directory services which provides professionals with opportunities to create awareness and start with professional presence


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Jennifer Jackson of Beauty Industry Elite is the consumate professional who demonstrates mastery in her area of expertise and exemplifies EXCELLENCE! She is a patient and compassionate person who operates with the spirit of integrity which brightens up the business professional community and is a pleasure to grow with. Thank you @Jennifer Jackson for being the BEST at helping others become BETTER ~SHAWN PERRY

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Beauty Industry Elite sets the bar for Beauty Fashion & Fitness. Her love for her clients shows thru her work and attention to detail. She has and continues to push her clients to their goals beyond their own drive. I have gain so much knowledge, customer retention, business that I could never imagine. Her knowledge and willingness to help sets her apart from the competition. ~Aisha H.

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"Jennifer Jackson of Beauty Industry Elite is the epitome of Beauty, Fashion and Fitness. Her undeniable attention to detail, unforgettably spot on guidance and unwavering dedication is what every business owner needs to develop and grow to the highest level."

~ Shonda B.

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I already know when I hear NIIIIINA Jennifer is about to get me together regarding something I said or did or DONT WANT TO DO! LoL!! Jennifer will get INTO your business to help your business grow! She has been such a blessing to me. She has literally been my energy source to want to get out of my uncomfortable spaces to grow. I'm taking my brand to the top and it will be with her as my Business Transformation Coach.

~Nina B

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