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Create a Sales Page for Your Course that Sells

You’ve created an online course, and you truly believe in the impact it will have on people’s lives. But there’s a problem: you are a teacher, not a salesperson.

While your strength may be breaking concepts down to teach others, there is an entirely different skill set that goes into marketing your course and getting people to

sign up.

But you can create a sales page that inspires others to sign up for your course!

First, make sure you understand who your target student is. Who would benefit the most from taking your course? What problems do they have that your course can solve?

The more you know about your students, the more you can tailor the sales page to address directly what they need.

Here’s what you need on the sales page for your course:

1. Start with a convincing headline. Begin with the unique value proposition and identify the value someone will get by enrolling in your course. Start the page by explaining to future students what transformation they will undergo by enrolling in the course.

2. Lead with a story. Highlight the problem that your students may have. Use a story to show them you understand their problems, and you have the solution (your course).

3. Weave social proof throughout the sales page. Your former students are the best advocates for your course! Use text and video testimonials to show future students that your courses have helped many others just like them in the past. Social proof helps build the trust needed to inspire people to make a purchase.

4. Add an FAQ towards the bottom of the page. What common questions do people have? This is a chance to answer frequently asked questions, as well as target keywords you may want to rank for.

5. Describe the offer and bonuses. Talking about the offer allows you to address the solutions your course has to future students’ problems. Be descriptive about the different modules in your course to help future students visualize what they will learn by taking your course.

6. Remember to talk about the transformation. What transformation will happen? How will your students’ lives change? Think about exactly the differences that will happen in your students’ lives after learning from you and applying that knowledge in their day-to-day life.

7. Add a money back guarantee. If you will offer a money back guarantee, this will help people feel more confident when purchasing your course.

8. Include multiple calls-to-action. Make it easy for future students to take action! The “enroll” or “buy” button should be clear and scattered throughout multiple places on the sales page.

  • Add your call-to-action buttons in places where the student may feel compelled to enroll, for example after your FAQ, after a testimonial, and at the bottom of the page.

9. Implement urgency into your offer. Humans feel inspired to take action when there’s a limited amount of time to act on an offer.

  • A countdown timer and enrollment deadline will inspire students to take action.

  • Alternatively, you can offer “limited time only” bonuses.

10. Address objections. On a sales call, you would be able to have a conversation with potential students, listen to their objections, and address those objections directly! On a sales page, you have to anticipate the objections people may have and address them on your page.

  • Consider reasons people may not want to enroll and implement creative ways to address their objections. For example, if students may find the cost of your course may be too expensive for one purchase, you can offer payment plans that address that objection.

Implementing these tips will help you speak to potential students directly from a sales page. Showing that you understand their problems and building trust will help them feel confident to make a purchase.

From there, you will have students who love your course!

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