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5 easy tips on how to avoid thinning hair

While many may have thought of hair loss as an exclusively a male problem, the truth is that hair loss can affect men, women and even children. There are many factors that can lead to hair loss, heredity is actually a myth but we will get into that on another post. There are also some things you can do to stop the process, you can learn how to avoid thinning of hair.

Here are some easy things you can do starting right now that may prevent further hair loss and even help you regrow some of the hair you've already lost:

1. So much attention is paid to the hair itself that the scalp goes largely un-thought of, and that is a mistake. Think of a garden, you'll never have healthy plants if you don't have quality soil for those plants. Your scalp is like the 'soil' for your hair, it needs to be healthy in order to produce a healthy 'crop' of hair. Make sure when you shampoo your hair, which you should do often to prevent a buildup of dirt and oils and residue from hair care products, that you take some time to do a gentle scalp massage. You could even use a scalp serum for thicker, fuller, shinier looking hair. We suggest True Science® Scalp Serum it is formulated with a powerful combination of ingredients designed to nourish your scalp, support normal hair growth, and give your hair the shine and body you want. No more masking damaged hair. No more harsh chemicals. This scalp serum is designed to work at the root of the problem to support a healthy scalp for beautiful hair.

2. Take it easy on the harmful things you do to your hair and be careful which products you use.When looking for shampoos and conditioners you should consider all natural products.

Many shampoos today have sulfates in them.

These are very harsh chemicals and they were put in shampoo to create foam, but the long term effect on your hair, and your body as a whole, can be very serious. Also go easy on the perms, hair coloring and heated styling devices that you use. Instead try to let your hair air dry as much as possible and if you do want to color your hair wait at least 6 weeks between each treatment.

Our recommendation is shampoo with a blend of amino acids to eliminate hair frizz (keep those curls poppin'!) and strengthen each strand of hair. It's amazing for your hair & great for the environment. Try TrueScience® Invigorating Shampoo. It will give your hair the nourishment and protection it needs without the toxic burden and chemicals that your body can do without. You'll get a cutting edge safe formula that keeps your hair soft, smooth and clean. It's about time the world got a shampoo that doesn't come with compromises, right!?

3. Try to avoid hair styles that can break your hair. Things like pony tails and cornrows are horrible for your hair since they will tear, rip and stretch the hair which can cause permanent damage. Try to wear these hair styles sparingly.

4. Make sure to keep your hair healthy by keeping your body healthy. Eat right. Make sure you get the proper vitamins and minerals. Also drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. We often forget that what happens on the outside of our bodies, such as hair loss, is sometimes a direct result of what's going on inside of our bodies. Good looks start on the inside.

5. You can amp up your diet by taking supplements. Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer has been shown to help strengthen the the hair roots and hair follicles at the scalp which can lead to more and thicker growth by supporting the body's natural ability to repair and rejuvenate its own cells.

We've learned a lot about our bodies in the last several decades. We now know that some things are not inevitable and that we do have some control. There are ways to learn how to avoid thinning of hair. By following some of the tips I've listed above you can keep your full head of healthy, beautiful, flowing hair for much longer just by making a few simple changes to your daily routine.

If you are interested in a complete hair care line dedicated to growing strong beautiful hair click here.

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