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Healed by Tashi



Peace, I’m Tashi, Intuitive Wholistic Health Coach, herbalist, Doula, Womb Specialist, Esthetician, mother of 4, and wife.

I started my journey back in 2016 when I found a passion for herbal skin care, from there I’ve become a womb practitioner where I focus on inner child healing and womb wellness. 2018 was an extremely pivotal year where I created a deeper relationship with astrology, yoga and meditation! I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy (cured myself in 30 days), took my first solo international vacation and quit my corporate job to pursue my business full time!

I pride myself on providing tools and resources to help with total body alignment! Because healing isn’t one size fits all, having an understanding of multiple tools allows for one to “create a vibe” for their journey; with that I créate safe spaces for people to just be and share their stories. I believe that every s person matters and we all have a piece of the puzzle that creates a beautiful big picture!



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