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Beauty Industry Elite boosts brand awareness for verified top notch  beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness professionals forward in business.

What Can We Do For You?

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Your listing will have ratings and reviews from your satisfied customers. New customers trust businesses that keep their current customers happy.

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Spend more time building relationships with clients and we’ll focus on bringing you more. We expose your profile to clients, marketing your business to new and returning customers alike.

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Receive coaching from one of our business transformation coaches twice a month to set goals and create strategy.

Social Media Content Team

Our design team will help you create marketing material like business cards, brochures, graphics and more!

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You are not just joining a directory you are joining a group of professionals that work together to boost each other in business. You will find that the Beauty Industry Elite Community is a great place to network with other reputable business professionals.

Collaboration Matching

You will receive collaboration matches monthly of other professionals that are interested in sharing their audience  with you and vice versa.

Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs
Throughout the Country
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Organized and Efficient

"Beauty Industry Elite sets the bar for Beauty Fashion & Fitness. Their love for their clients shows thru their work and attention to detail. They have and continues to push their clients to their goals beyond their clients own drive. I have gained so much knowledge, customer retention, business that I could never imagine. Their knowledge and willingness to help sets them apart from the competition."

Flexible and Committed

"Beauty Industry Elite is the epitome of Beauty, Fashion and Fitness. Their undeniable attention to detail, unforgettably spot on guidance and unwavering dedication is what every business owner needs to develop and grow to the highest level."

Creative & Resourceful

"I already know when I hear NIIIIINA my coach is about to get me together regarding something I said or did or DONT WANT TO DO! LoL!! Beauty Industry Elite will get INTO your business to help your business grow! Beauty Industry Elite has been such a blessing to me.They have literally been my energy source to want to get out of my uncomfortable spaces to grow. I'm taking my brand to the top and it will be with Beauty Industry Elite as my Business Transformation Coach."

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